Brisbane No Pants Subway Ride 2017


All are invited to participate in the Annual No Pants Subway (Train) Ride in Brisbane. The event will take place between 2:30pm and 4:30pm on Sunday, 8th January 2017. Everything you need to know is on this page. Please read it carefully!

You must understand and accept all the guidelines and rules on this page if you are planning to attend!



1) Willing to take pants off on a train
2) Able to keep a straight face about it



When: Sunday, 8th January 2017 at 2:30PM, Sharp! DO NOT BE LATE! Feel free to be early (Over around 4:30PM)
Where: Creek Street end of Brisbane Central Station (outside fare gates) – GOOGLE MAPS LINK
Bring: A backpack/bag and a Go Card.
Wear: Normal summer clothes that are easy to remove
Registration: Please register to attend here
Facebook: Please RSVP to the Facebook Event
Twitter: Use #NPSR and mention @ImprovEvery
AfterpartyBirdees: 608 Ann St, Fortitude Valley – GOOGLE MAPS LINK




Everyone should meet at the Creek Street end of Central Station at 2:30pm. Meeting place will be outside the fare gates, not inside. Please be on time, feel free to arrive earlier.  To view the location on Google Maps, follow this link:

Please arrive with your pants ON.

At the meeting time and place, a short leaflet will be handed out, which has on it a guide, the basic rules, and the train schedule. There will be multiple routes listed on the leaflet, you will be instructed which one you will take on the day. All routes will converge at Fortitude Valley station around 4:30pm.

Make sure you have enough funds on your Go Card before the day. You will be travelling around zone 1 a few times. If you need to purchase a ticket, there will be enough time after the briefing to purchase your ticket, however it is actually cheaper to buy a Go Card, top it up with $10 prior to the meeting, and travel on that, as the cost of paper tickets for each segment of the ride works out more than double the cost of using a Go Card.

Once you have been allocated a route, enter Central station and head to your respective platform.  Spread out across the platform, try not to form groups of more than 3-4 people. Do not talk to others once you enter the station.  Remember, no-one knows each other! You are acting as though this is how you normally travel on a train!

There will be people taking photos and recording video during the ride, and we will be using this footage to send to Improv Everywhere for the worldwide ride gallery. It will also be available online at a later date. If you do not want to be photographed or on video, do not participate.

At exactly 3pm (according to the train timetable screens), stand up, take your pants off and put them in your backpack or bag.  If you have a briefcase, purse, grocery bag, or whatever, thats fine too. Keep your underwear and tops/shirts ON. If anyone asks you why you are removing your pants, come up with something creative. You can tell them something like “Its too hot for pants” or “they were getting uncomfortable”, or “why are you still wearing pants??”. (In 2013, we had a QPS officer jokingly tell members of the public that this was a no pants train and if they wanted to continue travelling on it, they had to take their pants off!).

When the train arrives, enter it, sit in the train like you normally would any other time. Listen to music, read a book or magazine, surf the internet, message friends, use facebook, etc. Remember, the whole idea is to make it look like its just a completely normal act.

Remember, you are an actor, playing the part of a normal everyday commuter, but without pants!

Leave the train at the designated station on the schedule and move to the next platform to catch the connecting train. You may need to check the screens at each station to make sure you are on the right platform. If you miss the train for whatever reason, catch the next train to Central and connect back with the others as they pass back through Central again.

Remember, if anyone on the trains ask you why you aren’t wearing pants, again come up with some creative answer like the ones above.  Some ideas are “its too hot for pants”, “they are too uncomfortable”, “I forgot them”, or “I thought no-one wore pants in Brisbane anymore”, and so on.

If you are keen to participate, but are a bit uncomfortable or nervous about wearing underwear on the train, wear boxers. They’re practically shorts anyway. If you are a bit more daring, throw on a pair of boyshorts/boylegs or trunks. It would be even funnier if they have some unusual or funny print on them too! And if you are really REALLY confident, go a pair of briefs! You can wear fun underwear if you like, but nothing that screams out “I wore this because i’m doing a silly stunt!”.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, or if you have worries or concerns about your “bits” accidentally showing or hanging out, secretly wear a second pair of underwear underneath. We discourage people wearing swimmers as it isn’t in the theme of the mission and just looks like you are going to the beach.  Kilts and other similar clothing is also discouraged as it is also not in the theme of the mission. DO NOT wear g-strings (thongs), see-through or revealing underwear, mankini’s, or novelty underwear, you will be asked to leave the ride if you do wear them.  Our aim is to make people smile and laugh, not to piss them off or offend anyone!

If you want to make a bit of an impact with the ride, try wearing some sort of unusual outfit. Some suggestions are:
* Business suit
* High Vis construction clothes
* Motorbike rider clothes
* Defence Force clothes (or imitation of)
* Firefighter clothes
* Raver (fluro) clothes
* Cosplay outfits

If you have gathered a crew, maybe all wear the same underwear?

If you want to add some props to your whole get up, here’s some suggestions:
* Bicycle
* Pram with fake baby
* Shopping Bags
* Briefcase (goes well with the business suit)
* Fake pregnancy belly (females only)
* High socks with or without print on them

Remember, the basic concept is to ride the train without pants and pretend that it is the most normal, regular thing to do. If people were to see one person entering the train without pants on, they could easily pass them off as a crazy. But when more and more people enter the train without pants on with them, their reactions are just priceless!

Feel free to invite and bring friends along with you if you want, but please make sure they have read these instructions and understand the rules.

If you aren’t comfortable taking your pants off, but really want to come along, feel free to bring cameras and video cameras and take photos and video of the people who are!  If you do wish to take photos or video, please join the facebook group at and upload your photos and/or videos here: .  Please make sure you put your name at the start of each photo / video filename so we can identify who submitted them. You consent to your photos being sent to the ImprovEverywhere team in New York for publicity purposes. We will also post them up on the Facebook page for you and credit you on the photos.



Birdee Num Nums
608 Ann St, Fortitude Valley (GOOGLE MAPS LINK)

Once the ride has finished (roughly 4:30pm), we will be disembarking at Fortitude Valley station. We will then walk, in our pantslessness, to the afterparty at Birdee Num Nums for drinks and a chat. If you want to go for a swim in their pool, bring a towel.
Most importantly, make sure you have photo ID handy in your bag if you want to come to the afterparty.
The Australian Red Cross will be providing us with a donation bin for the afternoon to collect your old unwanted (but still in good condition) summer clothes, so bring your spare summer clothes to donate at the after-party (or donate the clothes you wore to the ride, whatever you prefer!). They are really short on summer clothes at the moment so will appreciate your donations!



1. By participating in the No Pants Subway Ride, you acknowledge that it is an entirely voluntary act of spontaneous art, and you have the choice to NOT participate if you change your mind.

In other words, it’s your choice to take part, you acknowledge the risks and agree the organisers and coordinators are not responsible for any unforeseen outcomes. Accordingly, if after the briefing you decide this is not for you, you may choose NOT to take part. This is your right.

2. You MUST BE IN POSSESSION of a valid translink Go Card or paper ticket, and, if applicable, concession card.

In other words, “zero tolerance” applies here. We will be travelling between zones 1 and 2 on the QueenslandRail network, so make sure you have enough money on your Go Card or a ticket to suit. The organisers will NOT come to your defence if you are found to be without pants AND without a valid ticket … I mean really, how stupid is that?

3. You MUST understand THIS IS NOT A NUDE EVENT.

It’s a No Pants Ride – Not a nude ride. Nudity on trains is illegal. Riding a train without pants, but still in underwear is open to discussion, and Queensland Police Service and QueenslandRail are willing to let us ride the trains in our underwear on the day as they can see its all just for laughs. But if you wind up exposing yourself, you will NOT be assisted or defended to get out of the situation. This also includes ensuring you are wearing suitable top / shirt, and suitable footwear as well!

4. If under 18, you MUST OBTAIN parents permission.

In other words, as a general rule we discourage under 18′s from participating as cast members without parents supervision or permission. If you must, must, must, must, I-don’t-care-what-they-say-I’m-still-doing-it-anyway, MUST …. At least tell your parents, and get them to go to our site to check it out, you pain in the ass ! We do request that any children under 15 have parental escort too.. We don’t want them sitting alone on a train in their underwear, its a recipe for disaster!

5. You MUST ENSURE underwear is both tasteful and functional.

There will be NO wardrobe malfunctions and/or inadequate coverage once pants are removed; so no mankini’s, no G-strings, no novelty underwear, and no see-through or revealing underwear. In other words, if you do not take enough care and wind up disgusting someone, offending anyone or making any commuters ride an uncomfortable experience … you may be subject to punishment under various enforceable laws. Three key words to remember – Hygienic, Functional, and Tasteful. You can wear fun underwear if you like, but nothing that screams out “I wore this because i’m doing a silly stunt”!

6. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions, your own welfare AND the welfare of other commuters.

In other words, The organisers are not your baby-sitter. If your actions result in your injury (or worse) to either yourself or others, by participating you acknowledge that the organisers are ultimately NOT RESPONSIBLE for your actions, or result of your actions. Simply put, keep your arms to yourself, don’t be an idiot, and don’t run.

7. You MUST NOT approach any commuters, QueenslandRail staff, or photographers directly! Instead you MUST sit near them, walk past them and carry on as if normal.

This is a kind of urban prank. You are an actor and have a “role” to play and the success of our mission is dependent on those who act out their roles well. Ignore the commuters. Go about your business. Listen to music on your phone. Send some texts. Read a book. Talk amongst your friends. Hide behind your sunnies. Surf the internet on your phone or tablet. Post some photos of the day on social media (and tag #NPSR). Do something that you would normally do on the train.  But DO NOT carry on as if you are trying to draw further attention to yourself.

8. You MUST comply with any request from organisers and/or authorities, including to re-dress or disembark, if asked.

In other words, the possibility may arise where you are confronted by someone of authority. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure both Queensland Police Service, QueenslandRail, and Translink are aware of this event and are happy for it to proceed, there may be instances where an official requests you redress. At this point, we urge you to comply with ANY clear directive they give you. DO NOT ignore them. If you decide to take your pants off again at the next station, that is at your discretion, but we URGE you to follow their direct request.

9. Whilst riding, you MUST NOT be under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol or illegal substances

This is just common sense. In other words, if you are dumb enough to board a train and …..
(a) remove your pants,
(b) attract the attention of everybody AND …
(c) try to achieve this while “drunk, “stoned” or “high”, when …
(d) police or authorities are around ….

… then you’re simply asking to be arrested and we want nothing to do with your involvement. Remember, the entire QueenslandRail network is monitored with cameras, so the authorities WILL see you being an idiot. You may be asked NOT to participate if it is determined, prior to the commencement of the ride or during the ride, that you are in breach of this rule.

10. You MUST comply with all the rules and conditions of travel on the QueenslandRail network.

Once again, if you are stupid enough to break the law, we want nothing to do with your involvement, and you will be asked to leave the ride! This includes doing anything that may offend regular passengers.  You can view the conditions of travel here: and here:

11. You MUST NOT use the ride as an opportunity for your own marketing.

In other words, hijacking this event for commercial purposes WILL NOT be tolerated, and your reputation will be duly smeared as punishment via viral bad publicity. To date we have maintained 100% purity and have not allowed our event to succumb to vested interests. We pride our ride on being one of the few random joys left untouched, and plan to keep it that way until we see fit.

Media, bloggers, photographers ARE welcome – However, we ask you please contact the organisers beforehand to organise being integrated into the experience.

Companies and offers of goods or services – You MUST contact admin beforehand. NO exceptions.

12. You MUST NOT do anything on the ride that may offend regular passengers.

In other words, stupidity and offensive actions WILL NOT be tolerated. If caught doing anything, intentional, voluntary, or involuntary, that may offend other passengers, you will be asked to redress and leave the ride immediately. Safety is utmost important on a day like this, both for us and regular passengers, and we aim to keep it that way. Your acts could cause the entire ride to be terminated early, and if your actions are offensive enough, you could end up with hefty fines and/or prosecution. Remember, all trains and stations have security camera’s, and Translink, QueenslandRail, and Queensland Police Service will be monitoring the ride closely, so unless you want to be known as the one who ruined it for everyone, i’d suggest ensure you are following these rules.

13. You MUST keep an eye on your fellow pantsless riders.

In other words, if you know some boisterous onlookers are around, look after your fellow riders by alerting them quietly and perhaps walk to a new part of the train. Treat your fellow riders as your own family.

14. You MUST leave the event in better shape than what you were previously.

In other words, 2017 will be the 8th ride for Brisbane, and the 16th one in New York run by Improv Everywhere. The 2009 (our first year), we had 7 folks along for our first ride. In 2010, we had 59 folks at the start, and another two random people join in during the ride, and 2016 saw a record breaking 182 people attend, making us the biggest No Pants Subway Ride in Australia! We owe it to the brave pioneers in 2009 to maintain the integrity of the event. We have a history of ZERO incidents and we would like to keep it that way! We’re relying on you to help make sure it stays fun and safe and enjoyable.


Further information and ideas can be found at


You can read more about the global No Pants Subway Ride here:  There are links to other cities around the world if you aren’t in Brisbane on the day and still keen on participating.

Brisbane No Pants Train Ride 2017 (#NPSR)


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